Building a better #1Lib1Ref

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The campaign's third year was better than ever—here's how you can get involved.

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Why the world reads Wikipedia: What we learned about reader motivation from a recent research study

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Wikimedia’s mission is to provide educational content and to effectively disseminate it. Doing so requires understanding the needs and motivations of the people who read Wikipedia. In this blog post, we discuss what we learned about Wikipedia reader motivations and needs across 14 languages from a recent research study.

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James Heilman on expanding the reach of Wikipedia’s medical information

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A conversation with emergency room physician James Heilman, who is working to get medical information into Internet-in-a-Box—a physical device that provides Wikipedia and other content in areas without internet access.

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Confound it!—Supporting languages with multiple writing systems

From the archives Internationalization and localization Technology Wikipedia

Many of the languages of the world use two or more writing systems, like the familiar Arabic, Cyrillic, or Latin scripts. Supporting those languages and those scripts—for reading, editing, and searching—can be a real challenge.

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Ten months later: People of Turkey still denied access to Wikipedia

Communications Community Foundation From the archives Wikipedia

All language versions of Wikipedia have been blocked in Turkey since late April 2017.

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New Wikipedia feature gives you the power to choose whatever language you want

Foundation From the archives Internationalization and localization Technology

A new feature makes it easier for English-speaking Wikipedia readers to find versions of the article they’re reading in other languages. To mark the occasion, Amir Aharoni of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Language team details the history of interlanguage links on Wikipedia and details what went into the new feature.

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Wikimedia releases eighth transparency report

Foundation From the archives Legal Transparency report

Our newly-released transparency report highlights the requests we received in the second half of 2017.

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On Wikipedia, Black Panther won the Olympic gold

From the archives News on Wikipedia Wikipedia

Black Panther was far and away the most-viewed article on Wikipedia last month.

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